In the year 2150, humanity has mastered interstellar travel and looks to the stars for new worlds to inhabit. However, colonizing a hostile planet ain't cheap, so these explorers turned to corporations to fund these expeditions. This turned out to be a lucrative endeavor for those willing to take a small risk.

Unfortunately, there is not enough room in the vast infinitude of space for all of these corporations to flourish. As CEO, it is imperative that your corporation is a success story. Expand your presence across whatever solar system you inhabit, building an economic powerhouse. If other corporations obstruct the march of progress, remove the obstacle by any means necessary. After all, they would do the same to you.


A colony vessel landing

Build An Empire

With a variety of buildings to choose from, select just how to structure your corporate empire. Will you corner the market for life's mundane necessities, or will you go high tech and vault over the competition?

Alpha screenshot of bare planets

Custom Engine

Enjoy the unique look of our proprietary engine, designed by our lead programmer with love. For fun.

Shuttles leaving a Starport

Zero Sum Economy

Sell your products in a Zero Sum environment. Selling to the population drains their funds, and restricts your opponent's access. But beware: you have to pay your workers, and that money could be spent somewhere else.

A hospital

Cutthroat Multiplayer

Up to four players compete in a solar system for its resources. Muscle out the competition by whatever means necessary.