2018 to 2050

Timeline - Years 2018 through 2050

2018 – Physical theory is in a state of upheaval as quantum observational effects are demonstrated for the first time.

2020 – The US passes the 20 trillion dollar debt mark.

2022 – First working tunneling nuclear power plant is commissioned in New Mexico. The plant, affectionately code-named Paul (short for paulatim solem – little sun) produces 2.1 MW. The atomic blenders that would follow in the next century would all be based on Paul.

2027 – The Clean Slate Act: Empowered by the bright future of fusion power, the Congress of the United States declares that the government of the United States could not be held liable for the past treasury notes issued by the Federal Reserve. Thus, with an act of Congress, the United States cancels all outstanding foreign debt. While this does invigorate domestic investment, the United States instantly earns the ire and fear of the global economic community.

2028 – Japan, second largest holder of American debt, pulls out of NATO in response to the Clean Slate Act.

2030 – The Chinese Market Crash: As the largest holders of canceled American debt, the People's Republic undergoes the worst economic crash known to man. The government of PRC concludes that, unless if a solution is found, they would be subject to uprising in every corner of their nation.

2031 – To alleviate the crash, the People's Republic demands a share in the expanding nuclear technology market blossoming in the states, to offset the cost of the debt that was canceled. The United States refuses, citing a lack of responsibility for T-Bills that were issued under old administrations. Tensions come to a bitter conclusion as the US and the PRC exchange nuclear warheads. When the dust settles, nothing of the two largest nuclear belligerents. The rest of the world watch in horror as over two billion souls depart. Asia and America is devastated by the Debtor's War, and would remain so for the foreseeable future.

2034 – To prevent *another* nuclear war, and forced into cooperation by the devastation of two continent, the surviving establish the federation of nations, with one overriding goal: Protect humanity from extinction.

2038 – The Federation of Nations, now a global superpower, launches the first Carrier, Deliverance, bound for Mars. Though previous probes and small manned flights caressed her surface, Mars for the first time is colonized with a permanent, self-sustaining, growing settlement. After the colony is established, the Carrier returns to ferrying both people hungry for a second chance, and equipment, to the surface of the Red Planet.

2039 – The Assembly of the Federation splits into two boards: The Board of Earth, and the Board of Mars. The Board of Mars appoints the first governor of Mars. The Martian colony surpasses 1 million souls, and begins establishing a new cluster of installations to keep up with the rapid immigration.

2040 – Mars establishes the second major installation on her surface, a drilling facility based near the polar ice. This city would grow to enormous size over the coming decades. 2041 – The Assembly of the Federation signs the Mars Communications Act – electronic communications equipment commissioned by the Federation to communicate with Mars would remain under Federation control and scrutiny.

2045 – The Earth Board begins efforts to clean up and re-settle the vast swathes of land devastated by the Debtor's War. Wildlife in Asia and America would be found relatively intact and thriving after the clean up work begins.

2049 – Due to low gravity and the presence of untouched mineral deposits, not to mention lack of solar interference, martian industry quickly outpaces all expectations. The exploding wealth of the colony continues the attraction rate of new colonists from Earth.

2050 – Martian Colony hits 20 million souls as immigration form Earth continues unabated.