2051 to 2075

Timeline - Years 2051 through 2075

2051 – The Federation imposes increased tariffs to keep pace with expanding martian economy. While this does cause some consternation on the Red Planet, the governor convinces a majority of the population that increased trade with Earth can make up the difference in volume.

2053 – The appointed governor of mars commissions a new Carrier to be built on Mars (with the Federation's directive), to increase trade with Earth.

2054 – The out-flux of wealth and liquidity form Earth forces steeper tariffs on martian made goods. The governor is further commanded to increase taxes, funneled back to the Federation.

2056 – The martian revolts begin as workers of the second Carrier (yet unnamed) refuse to attend, even on direct governmental order. The Governor of Mars is requested to relinquish power to an assembly of Martian citizens.

2056 - In response to the revolt on Mars, the Federation passes the Industry Resolution – that no martian man or woman may again travel back to Earth without having fulfilled their working quota. To enforce their ruling, the Board of Mars appoints a full division of soldiers to be stationed on the Red Planet. Communications between Mars and Earth grind to a halt as the Federation clamps down on non-approved messages from the populace of the red planet. As far as the majority of Earth is concerned, Mars is an industrial heaven, not the work colony is actually is.

2058 – Martian revolts continue in full swing as the governor is deposed, and replaced by an ad hoc assembly of community leaders. The newly formed senate declares themselves and their nation Free Mars, and openly declare war on Earth. The division of troops sent by Earth are either imprisoned or turn. Banners and posters defending every humans right to step foot on their home-world are seen everywhere on the industrious red planet. The yet-unfinished Carrier resting in the docks above Mars is painted in the faded red of the world below in an act of defiance. Mars belongs to herself, and no one else.

2059 – In response to hints of recruitment drives from home, Martians improvise planetary defense systems, using anti-asteroid weapons and early-warning radars to form a defense network. Mars prepares for an invasion, and the worst possible result. Deliverance maintains her silence over Mars.

2060 – The Federation officially charters the Deliverance to be refit as an invasion vessel, to bear the Terran liberation army to Mars. The Captain of the Deliverance is ordered to return to Earth as soon as possible.

2060 – The captain of the Deliverance declares for the martian cause, and institutes martial law on the carrier for the first time. With the only operational carrier declared for Mars, the Federation finds themselves robbed of any chance to invade Mars. With the support of Deliverance, Martians finally get messages to Earth – triggering widespread revolts against the Delegates of the Assembly. The Federation, in response, institutes martial law.

2060 – Same year, the Federation begin the commissioning of interplanetary missiles that can bear nuclear warheads to martial soil, in a desperate bid to retake Mars and reestablish dominance..

2061 – Federation nuclear program is leaked into public knowledge due to the efforts of martian sympathizers on Earth.

2061 – The Deliverance bombards the missile production site from orbit by dropping nuclear charges meant for asteroid mining from their cargo bays. For the third time in history, nuclear weapons are used in anger.

2061 – After the bombardment, the newly replaced Federation Delegates sue for peace. Representatives of the Federation and Free Mars gather aboard the Deliverance to negotiate a ceasefire. Both the martian delegation and the Federation diplomats agree that it was the involvement of the Deliverance and her crew that brought the war into a quick conclusion. The belligerents conclude that the future Carriers and their captains will be the kingmakers of whatever political formation is reached. Thus, the accords are signed and ratified by the three major powers:
1) Martian and Terran government must unite to prevent nuclear catastrophe. For this reason, the Assembly of the Federation must draw Delegates from districts on Mars, and the Assembly must be further divided into more specialized Boards. Mars, as a condition of their victory, must be given equality of representation within the Assembly. The Assembly of the Federation is now composed of 4 boards: Solar, Legislative, Budget and Funding, and Internal Affairs.
2) Movement between colonies may not be restricted save for instances of overpopulation or if the local economy demands it. All martians are granted full and unconditional citizenship, and the travel ban is revoked. To maintain their import, and to ensure the centralization of human civilization and commerce, the Federation is entrusted and tasked with the maintenance and accounting of the stellar currency, and the establishment of future colonies in the solar system.
3) The Federal nuclear program shows the inherent danger of civilian, economic leadership forcing military decisions in an age with nuclear power. Mars is therefore entrusted with the sole license to build and manufacture weapons and hardware that may be used in stellar warfare. Furthermore, all military leadership beholden to the Federation is to be stationed on the Red Planet, beholden to no one but the financial backing of the Federation.
4) The conduct of the Carrier Deliverance and her captain and crew is the only factor that avoided a long and costly war, but they were also responsible for the second nuclear attack against human civilization. Thus, while no censure is to be placed on the Deliverance or her crew, her captain would be relieved of command, and further Carriers would be captained and crewed by joint approval from the two elements of Federation government.
The Deliverance Accords, as they came to be known, would form the bedrock of human government for at least a century to come. Humanity was united under one roof once more, though martian and Terran tensions would linger for years to come.

2065 – In a bid to repair the relationship between Earth and Mars, the newly united Federation allocates funds for a massive park on Mars. The public park, dubbed the Homeworld Bubble, would be several kilometers in size and would house a self-contained ecosystem of Terran species that could be adapted to martian conditions.

2069 – Construction of the second Carrier Discovery is completed after delays from the martian revolts. In honor of the revolts, Discovery remains pale red. Two additional carriers, Apollo and Hermes, are commissioned on Mars.

2075 – Discovery begins the construction of an orbital platform on Jupiter for the sole purpose of harvesting He fuel for the thirsty fusion plants of the nascent federation.