2081 to 2101

Timeline - Years 2081 through 2101

2081 – Jupiter harvesting facility, Helios I, is complete.

2083 – Theory of FTL travel is formulated by a joint team of Martian and Terran scientists. The the construction of the first warp drive begins on Mars.

2084 – The Red Valley Disaster: The warp drive, for reasons that are yet to be discovered, goes critical on Martian soil, taking millions of souls with it as one of the prime industrial centers of the Red Planet is annihilated in the blink of an eye. The detonation is an order of magnitude more deadly than the nuclear warheads used against the nascent Federation not 3 decades ago. To forestall future disaster, the Federation outlaws the production of future warp drives until future notice.

2086 – The Federation, recognizing the mounting need to expand, begins plans for a new colony on Titan. The Deliverance Accords are amended to include all future colonies as parts of the Federation. Titanian colonists are given full Federation citizenship in a symbolic gesture.

2096 – The 10th anniversary of the Titan colony marks the first full recession of the Federation. Bereft of future expansion opportunities that may yield profitable industry, the financial sector begins consolidating their liquidity.

2100 – The year of the Empty Carriers: Discovery and Deliverance spend a large amount of operational time idling in space, as planetary economies have slowed to the point of making interplanetary travel via older Carriers unfeasible. Signs of mutiny and unrest begin as experienced astronauts responsible for the prosperity of the colonies are left languishing.

2101 – The Federation, seeing the need to keep expanding to avert unrest, re-vitalizes the warp drive program. This time, however, construction facilities are to built in deep space to avoid danger to the inhabited regions of the solar system. Internally, Federation leadership hopes that a scientific project like this can occupy the carrier crews long enough to avert mutiny in their fleets.