2105 to 2115

Timeline - Years 2105 through 2115

2105 – Discovery and Deliverance finish the construction of 10 fully automated warp drive construction plants behind the Kuiper Belt. One at a time, the facilities are brought online.

2105 – 6 out of the 10 plants detonate harmlessly in deep space. While failure was computed into the cost of the overall project, the Federation teeters on the brink of unrest as images of the Red Valley Disaster are replayed within the minds of it's citizens.

2106 – 3 of the remaining plants finish the construction of their assigned drive systems. The 10th, after going dark, is decommissioned at range with projected energy weaponry.

2108 – A new class of self-sustaining, high capacity carriers with warp drives is designed, and the first ship, Gabriel, is commissioned. She would be the first of many such Carriers designed to spread human life to far flung stars.

2110 – The Gabriel launches, departing to the Alpha Centauri for the first shakedown run of the warp drive. For 3 months, the entirety of the solar system hold it's breath as no communication is possible with the extra-solar vessel.

2110 – The Gabriel returns, having broadcasted a radio wave burst at the extra-solar system. Confidence within the Federation leadership surges as it stands a the brink of a new wave of expansion, this time to the entirety of the galaxy. 2 additional carriers are commissioned to house the 2 remaining warp drives, to set off to other, far off stars. Economic recession is averted, for the time being.

2113 – The Carriers Gabriel , Endeavor, and Yamato are launched from the solar system. The reception of the radio broadcast from Alpha Centauri marks the departure of the largest investment the human civilization has ever made. To fund the massive cost, and to increase public enthusiasm, the Federation issues Colony Bonds – governmental contracts that direct wealth from the private sector to fuel the growth of the nascent colonies. The Colony Bond rapidly becomes the most prized good traded in the market as confidence in the Federation increases, with wealthy investors doubling the public investments of the Federation.

2115 – The 3 colonies established by the Gabriel , Yamato, and Endeavor (New Europa, New Asia, New America respectively) become thriving colonies in deep space. Martian Carrier Command is established to coordinate the movement of carriers between the colonies that can share no lines of communication. The Assembly is divided into two additional Boards: Colonial Relations and the MCC Liaison.

2115 – Europa and America are thriving – America enjoys a bright, powerful sun with plentiful organic resources, and Europa benefits from rich rare earth deposits. In contrast, New Asia is a wildly temperate planet, with massive seasonal shifts, tectonic movement, and frequent asteroid strikes discourages any sort of industrial development. Europan colonists begin leaving the colony in droves. The Federation orders all interstellar carriers to refuse Europan refugees, citing the economics clause of the Deliverance Accords: If one of the nascent colonies fail, the rest will quickly follow suit, and the Colony Bond will be devalued. Internally, Delegates of the Assembly worry about their prospects of re-election if they cannot produce value from the Colony Bond for Asia.