Adding New Districts

The collection of Delegates in the Assembly naturally increase over time as colonies are established. Further, already established colonies may, over time, grow in size and receive new districts from which representatives may be drawn. A colonial Delegate petitions the Colonial Relations Board, and if the hearing receives a majority approval, a Federal Inquiry team is dispatched to the system in question. With their report and affirmation, the system is granted a new district and a greater say in the goings on of the Federation.

As one might expect, this system encourages established Federation Delegates to frequently refuse petitions for new districts: Their power is diluted with each additional seat in the assembly. For colonies that are petitioning for a new district, they would be well served to gain the support of Carriers in this endeavor. The power that Carriers wield is monumental enough that the Assembly will almost never ignore the recommendation of a Carrier Captain or political officer.