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The Dev Blog for the upcoming game Zero Sum Future, where our lead programmer walks through engine design, game design, and more!

Making an Engine 1: Driver fun!

I once had a friend ask me about what it was like making a game engine from scratch. He did not think it was possible that one could make a game and an engine at the same time – both of those were very time-consuming projects. This series is about that.

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Pre-Alpha Post Mortem

Even odds say that if you are reading this right now, you participated (or at least heard about) the little pre-alpha party we had last Sunday, February 11th. This is the obligatory post-mortem post.

TL;DR: Overall feedback is positive, there is a long road ahead for us here at Plungerhorse, and some of fixes are going to be their own blog posts, so you got that to look forward to that.

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So, this game we're making. What is it?

The so-called elevator pitch: It's a multiplayer city builder, set in space, with an emphasis on ruthless business themes. Think of it as Sim City meets Settlers of Catan. IN SPACE!

There. Now, everyone is gonna go buy it.

But this makes for a lousy blog, so I guess I'll go into a bit of depth.

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