Military Overview

Military Overview

The part of the Federation conceded to Mars at the conclusion of the Martian revolts is the Military Branch of the Federation. While for a long time a purposeless entity, the Military Branch is a key component to continued Federation Dominance.

While the Military branch contains many subsections, the largest and the most important is the Mars Carrier Command, which is used interchangeably with the Military Branch.

The MCC was originally created as an amalgamation of other Military institutions that survived the end of the revolts. Originally, it was created with the purpose of commissioning, building, crewing, and the coordinating of Carriers. After the last revision of the Deliverance Accords, the MCC is further empowered to regulate the mercantile Carriers with Military ones, and assign political officers to Carriers. Finally, the MCC trains and equips a standing army of the Federation – Troops from which political officers and “guaranteed crews” are drawn from. Military Carriers (such as the Olympus) are staffed exclusively by highly disciplined and loyal troopers.

MCC officers are chosen by the MCC. This causes the MCC to be fairly conservative with changing policy that can affect the lives of billions.