News about the upcoming competitive multiplayer city-builder Zero Sum Future

Patch Notes 1/10/19

A special thanks to Nookrium ( for streaming our game and making us aware of these issues.

  • Made various improvements to the new player experience.

    • When Zero Sum Future is first run, a popup will give guidance and direct players to the tutorial missions.

    • Added more detailed information about UI elements to the first tutorial mission.

    • Tutorial missions now unlock when the previous mission is completed.

    • Completing a tutorial mission will now automatically start the next one.

    • Tooltips now display when the cursor hovers over a UI element. You can still press ALT to toggle tooltips manually.

  • Fixed an issue where certain tutorial missions could be won instead of completed.

  • Resource nodes (hydrogen and silicon) now pulse with light to make them more noticeable.

  • Improved the color of the silicon nodes.

  • Improved Colony Vessel selection box.

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would keep scrolling when the Options Menu was opened.

  • Fixed an issue with resizing the Budget Menu.

  • Objective display now resets correctly between missions.

  • Fixed a bug where a planet button could disappear.

  • Fixed an issue where streaming software (OBS in particular) would cause crashes.

by Ryan