News about the upcoming competitive multiplayer city-builder Zero Sum Future

Patch Notes 1/20/19

  • ADDED: Audio options menu.

  • UPDATE: Options Menu visual improvements.

  • UPDATE: Lobbies are now highlighted when selected in Lobby Browser.

  • BALANCE: Retirement facility now steals 25% of life savings, down from 50%.

  • FIXED: Certain UI elements no longer flicker for clients.

  • FIXED: Selection boxes for buildings whose owner has lost will now display their name correctly.

  • FIXED: the Change Planet keys (Default: left/right arrow keys) now function correctly.

  • FIXED: Lobby Browser now resets correctly between games.

  • FIXED: Hospitals and retirement facilities will now display popup text correctly for clients.

  • Tooltips will now reset when the mouse moves. Lowered tooltip delay to 400ms.

  • More error reporting added in.

  • Global View renamed Solar View.

by Ryan