News about the upcoming competitive multiplayer city-builder Zero Sum Future

Patch Notes 1/6/19

Feature Added: Quick Play

  • Multiplayer now features a Quick Play option that finds games with one click.

  • Keeps track of Matchmaking Rating, Wins, Games Played, and Current Streak

Balance Changes

  • Handout power cooldown changed from 10s to 60s

  • When a new bid is registered in a Carrier auction, the Carrier stay period is increased. This gives players a chance to respond when they are outbid

  • Investigate Power now limited to a maximum of 10 charges

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Added: Game timer in the score menu (default hotkey: TAB)

  • Multiple shuttles can no longer be dispatched from a single building at the same time. This fixes certain buildings getting bullied out of the supply chain.

  • The Lobby Browser now correctly resets between games

  • Carrier now orbits the sun correctly

  • Improved readability of large numbers in UI

by Ryan