News about the upcoming competitive multiplayer city-builder Zero Sum Future

Developer Update 2/25/19

Hello again Zero Sum Future fans!

It’s been a busy first month of early access, and we’ve learned a lot about what’s working for you in Zero Sum Future and what could use some improvement. There’s a lot in the pipeline right now, and we want to give you a good idea of what you can expect to see from us moving forward.

  1. Memory leaks and performance issues
    We’ve recently completed a round of updates to the game engine and game hosting which should address a number of crashes that people are experiencing. Client-side fixes for these issues are also underway and you can expect to see patches rolled out to Steam in the next week or two.

  2. Particles, SFX, Animations
    Some in-game events are difficult for novice players to notice if they aren’t paying close attention, and in a game as fast-paced as Zero Sum Future you’ll get buried if you aren’t on top of things pretty much all the time. To that end, we’re going to implement a suite of new particle effects and sounds to make it a little more obvious what’s going on. For example, when you’ve got a building placed near a Reactor to benefit from its power-efficiency aura, you’ll get visual and auditory feedback that confirms that your placement is good. If you don’t see those particles, you’ll know that you didn’t get it quite right, and it should make it easier to learn the proper placement for the future. You’ll also see and hear new feedback when players activate Carrier powers, so you’ll know who it is that has Monopolized a planet or Commandeered your Starport.

  3. Single Player Campaign
    Zero Sum Future will receive a ~6 mission mini-campaign, totally free, in which you’ll get to dive into the shady fringe system politicking and business dealings of the Zero Sum Future universe. There’s a lot of brand-spanking new mechanics and powers to explore in the campaign and they’ll undoubtedly find a home in multiplayer matches, too. We’re pretty pumped to share more with you about this campaign as things take shape!

  4. Map Editor
    In order to build our single player content, we're creating a fully-fledged map and script editor that's going to be totally available to all our users. When it is finished, you'll have access to the same tools that us developers have to create content you can share and enjoy with everyone.

The future is bright, and we’re eagerly looking forward to March as a month with a lot of sweet changes to improve the experience. We’re always listening to feedback, so hit us up on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, or at if you’ve got a message you want us to hear.

Later this week we’ll have another post with more details on the particle and sound update: how they work and what we’ll be using them for.

Until next time!


by Ryan