News about the upcoming competitive multiplayer city-builder Zero Sum Future

Patch Notes 2/5/2019

  • NEW GAME MODE: Sandbox - in Sandbox Mode, you are free to build to your heart’s content, away from the constant competition and pressure found in the other game modes.

  • UPDATE: Increased the difficulty of the AI.

  • ADDED: Increased number of resolution options.

  • FIXED: Particles will now turn off correctly.

  • FIXED: Endgame message will now reset correctly.

  • FIXED: Lobby browser no longer flickers when trying to select a lobby.

  • FIXED: Commas now appear only where they are supposed to.

  • Increased size of Planetary Status icons.

  • Improved the memory impact of the particle system.

  • Improved memory usage of the Renderer.

  • Added in more error checking.

  • The Map Editor is almost available! We hope to have something ready for you in the next patch.

by Ryan