News about the upcoming competitive multiplayer city-builder Zero Sum Future

Patch Notes 1/20/19

  • ADDED: Audio options menu.

  • UPDATE: Options Menu visual improvements.

  • UPDATE: Lobbies are now highlighted when selected in Lobby Browser.

  • BALANCE: Retirement facility now steals 25% of life savings, down from 50%.

  • FIXED: Certain UI elements no longer flicker for clients.

  • FIXED: Selection boxes for buildings whose owner has lost will now display their name correctly.

  • FIXED: the Change Planet keys (Default: left/right arrow keys) now function correctly.

  • FIXED: Lobby Browser now resets correctly between games.

  • FIXED: Hospitals and retirement facilities will now display popup text correctly for clients.

  • Tooltips will now reset when the mouse moves. Lowered tooltip delay to 400ms.

  • More error reporting added in.

  • Global View renamed Solar View.

by Ali

Patch Notes 1/16/19

  • Made substantial improvements to the netcode.

  • Moved certain computations from Host to Client.

  • Fixed an issue where the Colony Vessel wouldn't spawn in tutorials.

  • Fixed a crash associated with the Sound System.

  • Fixed an issue where tutorials 4-7 did not have the reactor and the hydrogen drill enabled.

  • Fixed an issue with the objective display not resetting correctly. Again.

by Ali

Patch Notes 1/10/19

A special thanks to Nookrium ( for streaming our game and making us aware of these issues.

  • Made various improvements to the new player experience.

    • When Zero Sum Future is first run, a popup will give guidance and direct players to the tutorial missions.

    • Added more detailed information about UI elements to the first tutorial mission.

    • Tutorial missions now unlock when the previous mission is completed.

    • Completing a tutorial mission will now automatically start the next one.

    • Tooltips now display when the cursor hovers over a UI element. You can still press ALT to toggle tooltips manually.

  • Fixed an issue where certain tutorial missions could be won instead of completed.

  • Resource nodes (hydrogen and silicon) now pulse with light to make them more noticeable.

  • Improved the color of the silicon nodes.

  • Improved Colony Vessel selection box.

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would keep scrolling when the Options Menu was opened.

  • Fixed an issue with resizing the Budget Menu.

  • Objective display now resets correctly between missions.

  • Fixed a bug where a planet button could disappear.

  • Fixed an issue where streaming software (OBS in particular) would cause crashes.

by Ali

Patch Notes 1/6/19

Feature Added: Quick Play

  • Multiplayer now features a Quick Play option that finds games with one click.

  • Keeps track of Matchmaking Rating, Wins, Games Played, and Current Streak

Balance Changes

  • Handout power cooldown changed from 10s to 60s

  • When a new bid is registered in a Carrier auction, the Carrier stay period is increased. This gives players a chance to respond when they are outbid

  • Investigate Power now limited to a maximum of 10 charges

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Added: Game timer in the score menu (default hotkey: TAB)

  • Multiple shuttles can no longer be dispatched from a single building at the same time. This fixes certain buildings getting bullied out of the supply chain.

  • The Lobby Browser now correctly resets between games

  • Carrier now orbits the sun correctly

  • Improved readability of large numbers in UI

by Ali

Dev Update January 1st

Over the final weeks of 2018, we’ve been hard at work getting Zero Sum Future ready for our January 9th release to Steam Early Access. Listed below are some of the recent additions:

  • UI Improvements

  • Added a System View option for camera (default hotkey is F5)

  • Added Doodads to planets

    • Doodads are just visual clutter to improve the look of planets

    • Building something immediately destroys whatever doodads are in that location

  • Buffed the Investigate player power and fixed a bug where it didn’t trigger correctly

  • Fixed a shuttle pathing issue

  • Added an option to fulfill population requests by default

  • Rebalanced game to make games shorter and more intense

    • Workers’ wages now increase based on the planet’s Expectation Level

  • Minor Skybox improvements

  • Illegal Buildings can no longer be deleted

  • Made various optimizations to make the game load quicker and run better

by Ali